All-optical polyester yarn and semi-gloss polyester yarn

- Jan 31, 2018 -

Polyester yarn for sewing thread devided into All-optical and Semi-gloss polyester yarn

All-optical polyester yarn: Polyester fiber surface is smooth, woven fabric surface has a strong luster.

Semi-gloss polyester yarn: all-optical polyester yarn woven fabric bleaching and dyeing plant through chemical reduction treatment, is the use of polyester material for the poor resistance of strong alkali characteristics, with sodium hydroxide treatment, so that the surface of fine polyester fiber turtle Cracking, resulting in extinction. Semi-gloss polyester fabric looks noble and generous, welcomed by the market.

Semi-gloss polyester yarn can also be understood as using a variety of physical / chemical methods in the fiber manufacturing process so that the surface of the fiber is cracked or chipped, and the woven fabric has the same effect as the above-mentioned fabric weight reduction treatment.