How to solve the twisting machine twist uneven large?

- Nov 20, 2017 -

Twisting yarn twist uneven tend to appear in the front of the front of a few or after a few ingots, the dragon is loose and tight edges caused, as the other appeared uneven twist,

1. Check whether the ingot wheel sticky foreign body,

2. Check the brake if there are flowers back to silk,

3. Check the tray plug with plot flowers,

4. Check whether the pneumatic wear brake and ingot run-in,

5. Tension wheel failure does not work and other reasons caused unevenness of individual spindle twist.

Reduce the twist twister uneven should pay attention to what time:

1. To ensure moderate tension with the dragon

2. Promptly clear the bottom of the spindle flower

3. Dragon belt worn to be replaced promptly

4. Good spindle speed monitoring, into the cycle of management, the slow spindle to repair or replacement in a timely manner

5. To ensure consistent quality bobbins, reduce the quality of the bobbins caused by uneven twist

6. try not to apply plastic pipe, plastic pipe because the friction coefficient is small, the speed is not synchronized and form a strong twist

7. Do a good job machine, yarn channel part of the clean.