The types and characteristics of yarn defects produced by the process equipment factor

- Nov 16, 2017 -

The yarn defects produced in the spinning process usually have two kinds, such as regular yarn defects and accidental yarn defects.

Normally the yarn defects are dry CV, kilometer thick section, kilometer details and kilometer cotton knot.

The main feature of the accidental yarn defects is 100, 000 meters of harmful yarn defects. The emphasis is on long and thick sections and long details, as well as clear and qualitative defects.

Equipment factors yarn defects lie somewhere in between, there are features of onset, often there are accidental, mainly cause in the process of mechanical operation of the yarn defects, there are also common sudden, difficult to detect and control, the harm is big, affects the yield and quality.

The specific types include: no rubber ring spinning, uneven mechanical wave, coarse section, mechanical variation caused by the wrong branch, wool yarn defects, etc.