What To Do When The Sewing Machine Breaks The Thread?

- Nov 10, 2017 -

1. Problem of sewing thread

(1) Check the quality of the sewing thread.Mouldy, metamorphic or nodulous seams are most vulnerable to breakage.

(2) Check whether the sewing thread selected is compatible with the needle.

The sewing thread too fine print because of the toughness is not easy to break;The thin needle is used in too thick sewing thread, which can prevent sewing thread from being cut through pinholes.

(3) Whether the tension is too tight.

The tension is too tight.

(4) Whether the needle hole of the inspection machine has silted up the sundries, causing the sewing thread to fail smoothly and break.


2. Machine needle problem

(1) Check whether appeared due to the phenomenon of heat fusing suture needle, especially when using synthetic suture, due to the sewing machine high speed, friction heat generating repeated needle puncture fabrics, make the low melting point polyester suture were fusing.

(2) Check whether the hook is properly positioned.

The hook is too close to the pinhole, and the thread can be broken when it is taken.


3. Other questions

(1) Whether the needle and needle of the inspection machine are installed firmly.Loose machine needle or needle board, will make the needle and the needle plate touch each other, and the grinding section line.

(2) Check whether all the surface lines (including the coils, pins, hooks, needle holes, pressing holes, etc.) are curved, defective, and avoid the stitching of the sewing thread.

(3) Check whether the line of the bottom line is too full or uneven, the bottom line is too full or the line is uneven, the bottom line is not smooth, easy to cause the line break.In addition, the operating worker's hand signal is not good or the speed is not rhythm sense, can pull the material and make the face thread to be cut off, or make the line hook up and down movement uneven and the cross section line.



To solve the problem of jumper wire and line break, different treatment methods should be adopted for the causes of jumping line and breaking line.

1. The solution of the jumping line and breaking line caused by the machine needle problem

(1) Regular inspection and timely replacement of needles with blunt damage to the needle;

(2) Select needle with special treatment surface.

Among them with fluoro lung (teflon) film machine needle, when stitching can reduce the friction resistance between fabrics, inhibit the needle to produce high fever, prevent because of heat fusing suture needle and chip bonding chemical fiber line, avoid jumper, break the phenomenon such as.

(3) Add a hair dryer next to the machine needle and accelerate the needle to dissipate heat.

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