TFO 100 Polyester Spun Yarn

TFO 100 Polyester Spun Yarn

TFO 100 Polyester Spun Yarn

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TFO 100 Polyester Spun Yarn

Name--Polyester cone spun yarn

Technique--Ring Spun and Twist ,Z or S .

Material--100 %  spun polyester

Hollow tube--Paper or as clients requirement


The polyester yarn 20/2 and 20/3 may be called denim cords. The cords are thicker and have higher strength. They are mostly used for denim, bags, and so on. .


The yarn 40/3 is used for thicker fabrics, such as fabrics, etc.

Polyester sewing thread is the most commonly used sewing thread, characterized with high tenacity and low elongation, full color range and good color fastness. It usually falls into two categories: ring spun thread and TFO thread. The former is of few splices, applicable for various industrial and civil use. In particular, industrial sewing thread has strict requirements about the tenacity, splice, fluff and evenness. Different sizes(counts) of sewing threads will be used based on the thickness of garment and textile.

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