Bag Sewing Thread 10/3 For Portable Sewing Machines

Bag Sewing Thread 10/3 For Portable Sewing Machines

100% polyester bag stitching threads 200gr ( 7.06oz ) , 250g , 1kg(2.2lb) , 2kg ( 4.41lb) , 4kg(8.81lb) , 8kg(17.63lb) , 4.5lb, 20lb .

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DEMAN ' bag sewing threads specially customized for high-speed sewing machine use,like Newlong ,Fishcbein ,Unioon-Special , for packing industries feature high breaking strength and knotless and they are designed to ensure maximum machine-based production capability.

Our Bag Sewing Threads widely used in the agricultural field, industrial packing for sewing, Closing open mouth bags, like Sugar bags, pp woven sacks, Multi-wall paper bags, Sandbags, mesh bags, and others.



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