NEWLONG Sewing Machines Accessories--thread

NEWLONG Sewing Machines Accessories--thread

100% polyester bag stitching threads 10/3, 10/4, 12/4(Nm20/4), 12/5(Nm20/5), 20/6 Our thread was passed the tests by SGS under the requests from FDA requirements

Product Details

Material: 100% polyester stable fiber, 1.33d*38mm

Weight: 200g---100 cones/carton
           1kg--24 cones/carton
           2kg--12 cones/carton
          3kg--6 cones/carton
         5kg--6 cones/carton

TEX: 10/3--180, 12/4--200

Strength: 10/3--7kg, 12/4--7.8kg, 12/5--9.5kg



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