100% Polyester Bag Closer Thread 12/4, 200g

100% Polyester Bag Closer Thread 12/4, 200g

100% polyester bag stitching threads, bag sewing threads, bag closing threads, bag closer threads, threads for sewing bags, threads for sewing sacks etc. Each cone treated with good silicone oil, packed with shrink film . Bag Sewing Threads widely used in the agricultural field, industrial packing for sewing, Closing open mouth bags, like Sugar bags, pp woven sacks, Multi-wall paper bags, Sandbags, mesh bags, and others.

Product Details

More than 30 years professional experience of making polyester bag sewing threads 

ITEM:10/3, 10/4, 12/4(Nm20/4), 12/5(Nm20/5),12/6, 20/6, 20/7, 20/8 etc.

Small cone--200g, 250g, 


Large cone--1kg, 2kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg, 4.5lb, 20lb etc. 

We have a complete production chain: 

Polyester staple fiber purchase - Carding - roving - Spinning - Twisting - Winding - Packaging . 

The whole production will following ISO9001:2008  quality management system  .   

ISO14001:2004  international environment ti system.


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