Factory Of Bag Sewing Machine Thread 12/4

Factory Of Bag Sewing Machine Thread 12/4

100% polyester bag stitching threads 12/4(Nm20/4), 12/5(Nm20/5),12/6, 20/6, 20/7, 20/8 etc. Used in the agricultural field, industrial packing for sewing, Closing open mouth bags, like Sugar bags, pp woven sacks, Multi-wall paper bags, Sandbags, mesh bags, and others.

Product Details

More than 30 years professional experience of making polyester bag sewing threads 

700 experienced employees 

We have a complete production chain: 

Polyester staple fiber purchase - Carding - roving - Spinning - Twisting - Winding - Packaging .

Our threads are quite suitable for high-speed bag packing systems such as NEWLONG, FISCHBEIN, UNION-SPECIAL.YAO-HAN etc.


bag closer thread.jpg

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