100% polyester bag sewing threads mainly used

- May 10, 2018 -

This product adopts the best polyester staple fiber used in China Polyester Group Co., Ltd. as the raw material, and has the characteristics of strong stability, uniform dryness, ecological environment, and high spinnability. Products in strict accordance with national standards of production and implementation of the product with high friction, uniform color measurement is accurate, advanced technology, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature and anti-mite mildew and other characteristics. We produce customized models and stains according to the different needs of our customers

For sewing bags, sewing bags, construction projects, carpets, canvas, weaving, fertilizer plants, cement plants, flour mill lines and all kinds of chemical fiber yarn, number of lines of the system.

  • Wholesales Of 100% Polyester Bag Closing Thread
  • 12/4 Bag Stitching Thread
  • 10/3 100% Polyester Bag Stitching Thread 1kg
  • Wholesales Of 100% Polyester Bag Closer Thread
  • 100%spun Polyester Yarn For Sewing Thread
  • Thread for Rachel Bag

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