100%spun polyester yarn for sewing thread basic knowledge

- Jan 22, 2018 -

Raw material color
To guarantee the yarn quality , Deman always use the Yizheng 100% virgin polyester staple fiber as raw material , which is of the top standard quality. The material is available to be bright, semi-dull , optical white.

Yarn count
Yarn count refers to the thickness of a yarn and is determined by its mass per unit length. It is measured by English count, which is determined by the number of yarn hanks (each 840 yards long) per pound of yarn, and is notated “Ne”. The larger the number the finer the yarn and vice versa. The 100% polyester yarn thread count ranges from Ne 10 to Ne 80, in 1-9 ply.

Yarn twisting
Twisting fiber imparts strength to a yarn. It makes the fibers harder to pull apart lengthways and the yarn therefore harder to break. The twist direction can be Z twist or S twist. Z twist threads are designed for machine sewing. The single ply of polyester yarn are spun with a S twist. 2-9 plies yarn/ thread are spun with an Z twist.

Polyester sewing thread
Polyester sewing thread can be made of any length or weight according to customers’ request. And silicone oil will be added to the thread in the production process to make the thread more lubricate to prevent breakage and develop the efficiency in sewing .

Yarn uses
Polyester has properties including high tenacity and durability,able to consequently withstanding strong and repetitive movements,hydrophobic, wrinkle-resistance,stain-resistance.As a result,polyester yarn thread is often used in outerwear, garments ,jackets ,pants, shirts, suits, and bed sheets, carpets, ropes. 
MOST of the time all-purpose polyester thread will do the job.

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