Adjust the position of a large nozzle to improve the strong pass rate of splicing

- Nov 20, 2017 -

Problem machine up and down oscillator untwisting, no matter how to adjust the single spindle retreat twist pointer, the yarn head in the next oscillator is not retreat twist. After careful observation, it was found that the upper yarn end was not pulled into the oscillator like the lower yarn end by the big suction nozzle, but stopped at about 4 mm in front of its yarn groove. If forcibly push the big nozzle continue to push the upper yarn into the oscillator. Because the upper yarn head is located in the lower oscillator groove, the position is not correct, resulting in the oscillator is hung bad deburring and yarn non-twisting and splicing strong instability and other issues, the reason is that the nozzle position is not Correctly caused.

There are two reasons for the displacement of the large suction nozzle: First, the use of splicer after more than ten years, as a result of frequent kink resulting in misalignment; Second, due to the fixed rivet screwdriver rod loose, making the yarn is not in place, the operation Personnel forced to pull the end of the yarn rod and fixed rivets, spinning rod on the reaction of large suction nozzle long-term accumulation, resulting in large nozzle to move forward. After repeated testing, the final determination of large nozzle and single panel control distance of 20 mm is more appropriate.

In addition, in order to improve the quality of splicing, the following improvements were also made: to properly adjust the untwisting coefficient, to do the internal cleaning of the splicer, to make timely maintenance, to replace the oscillator, and to keep the equipment in good condition. By adjusting the position of the large suction nozzle and taking the above measures, the quality of the yarn is greatly improved, and the passing rate of CJ18.2tex yarn splicing is increased from 50% to 85%, the consumption of machine materials is reduced, the yarn hangs are avoided Oscillator phenomenon occurred, achieved good results.

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