Analysis of the cause of yarn breakage

- Nov 30, 2017 -

1. Rotating ingot is not flexible

2. The position design of the guide bar is unreasonable, especially after changing the Syracuse

3. The bell-mouth product

4. Gluing roller decanting

5. Cradle lock pin out

6. The spring spring elastic fatigue and failure

7. Upper shaw deformation

8. The distance block is short or small

9. Improper distribution of cradle pressure

10. Rubber roller grooves, damage, cycle of overlong rotation, etc

11. The rubber ring is broken

12. Severe roller stickhead and excessive plankton accumulation

13. After using the pressure rod, the pressure adjustment is not appropriate, or should be rolled up and so on

14. Local humidity is low or high, yarn strength low or winding rubber roller

15. Rubber roller coating is not suitable, easy to start static

16. Tension failure of rubber ring tension

17. Caused by mechanical wave, the strip is deteriorating, and the rough details are many, such as the defect of the traction gear, the bending of roller, the quality of the rubber roller, etc

18. The guide wire hooks up the slot

19. The wire coil, the steel collar cycle is too long, the steel wire ring burns, or the specifications and the number of the number, the variety of the improper use

20. The quality of the yarn tube causes the jumping tube

21. The upper part of the spindle is badly shaking, or lack of oil rotation

22, the spindle band tension is loose, the spindle belt is floating, the lower float and so on

23. The roving contains the yarn, such as the coarse section of the fly, which is caused in the drafting area or by twisting to break the head

24. Run bare roving, clean flying flowers at high altitude

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