Analysis of the reason of broken yarn

- Nov 20, 2017 -

1, hanging spindle rotation is not flexible

2, guide rod position design is unreasonable, especially after changing match spinning

3, bell mouth plot flowers

4, before and after the rubber shelling

5, cradle locking pin prolapse

6, on the spring elastic fatigue, failure

7, Shaw deformation

8, the lack of gauge block or use small

9, before and after cradle pressure distribution properly

10, roller from the slot, damage, prolonged use of poor rotation and so on

11, rubber ring damage

12, Laura sticky flowers serious, former plankton plot spend too much

13, the use of pressure rods, before and after the pressure adjustment is not appropriate, or to be turned on the bar and so on

14, partial humidity is too low or too high, yarn strength is low or wound rubber roller

15, rubber roller coating ratio is not suitable, easy to play static electricity

16, rubber ring tension frame tension failure

17, caused by mechanical waves, the deterioration of the stem, thick and detail, such as draft gear defects, roller bending, rubber roller sleeve quality problems

18, yarn guide hook from the slot

19, traveler, ring length is too long, the wire ring burned, or specifications and the number of models, with the improper use of varieties

20, tube quality caused by the jump tube

21, the upper part of the spindle shaking his head serious, or lack of oil spin bad

22, loose spindle tape tension, spindle tape floating, floating and so on

23, rovings contain gauze, such as flying thick, etc., resulting in the draft area or twisting to the decapitation

24, run empty roving, high altitude clean fly attached

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