Attention Problem of spinning polyester cotton yarn

- Sep 18, 2017 -

1, spinning polyester cotton yarn attention problem time: 2016-5-211, spinning polyester cotton yarn must pay attention to the winding speed, according to the yarn ratio set reasonable speed, ordinary winding t/c80/20 above the proportion of the variety of speed is best not to exceed 1800r/min.

2. Pay attention to the relative position of the cylinder and the barrel, and the height and the angle of entry and exit are accurate.

3, to ensure that the grip arm down speed can not be too fast, when necessary, more from the box of oil, increase the drop resistance.

4, to ensure that the role of the Stop box is good, to eliminate large, small nod situation.

5, to ensure that the spinning channel does not appear groove, Tension Disc center column, probe yarn rod and so on in time to replace the groove.

6, strictly check operation, prevent yarn rod under pressure spinning.

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