How to choose a suitable sewing thread products

- Nov 14, 2017 -

Sewing thread due to the different types and materials, the resulting performance will not be the same, the market name of the sewing thread also has a different name, different sewn products also have different varieties of sewing thread have different requirements, and sewing Line also because of the difference between the production process will have different quality differences, no matter what the name of the sewing thread, the name can not represent the quality of sewing thread, the specific quality, can not be confirmed by name, must be based on physical and related data that sewing Line quality.

Different sewing requirements for sewing thread have different requirements, such as sewing thread twist, thickness, strength, scalability, flexibility, twist, uniformity and other common indicators of data, more in-depth data of environmental indicators, indicators of rupture , Strong indicators, color indicators and other indicators of the hidden data, choose a good sewing thread for their sewing requirements, in addition to the basic indicators related to inspection, combined with sewn requirements to do the appropriate test indicators for your car The requirement is the best product.

Most of China's factory products in the production process, do not pay attention to the details, a strong brand and market share, a brand reputation and continuity, often with product details and customer experience reflects the brand value, the appearance of The trend and fashion, can only be reflected in the temporary sales, can not be spread on the brand a certain amount of help.

  • 12/5(Nm20/5) Used On YAO-HAN Bag Sewing Machines
  • 100% Polyester Thread Used On Bag Stitcher Machines
  • Distributor Of 100% Polyester Bag Closing Thread
  • Raw White 20s Polyester Spun For Sewing Thread/100% Spun Polyester Yarn /cheap Price Polyester Yarn
  • High Tenacity Bag Closing Thread
  • 30/3 100% Spun Polyester Yarn

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