How to distinguish the grey fabric

- Sep 18, 2017 -

How the grey fabric distinguishes time:

1. Fabric: Usually plain weave, twill, satin and fabric woven on the basis of such an organization. The fabric surface has no pattern change and is woven on the grain loom. such as Georgette, crepe, plain crepe satin, twill silk.

2, small jacquard fabric: a few different organizations constitute a small, regular pattern. But the rule of warp ascension must not exceed 16. Such fabrics can also be woven on the grain loom, such as striped satin strips silk, double georgette, herringbone twill, etc. formed by different tissues.

3, large jacquard fabric: in a certain range (conventional clothing with silk through the dense 諁 flower irresolute not more than 1400) there are several different organizations constitute a larger cycle of irregular patterns, such fabrics need to be woven with large jacquard equipment.

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