Industry quality standard of sewing thread

- Nov 16, 2017 -

The main raw material of the suture line is polyester staple fiber. The suture line is mainly made of chemical fiber and other raw materials, which is formed by the twisting and twisting of the yarn. The twist is mostly "S".At present, most of the suture lines in China are divided into: sinochem raw material sewing thread, pure and large raw material sewing thread.In this paper, the pure and large suture line is the most widely used for the advantages of its raw materials, which is characterized by a dry uniform, good gloss and strong stability.In general, FengBao line need to meet the following conditions: strong stability, no joint, forming beautiful, less hairiness, inferior FengBao line for sewing machine, especially the high-speed sewing machine use process will bring a lot of damage.

FengBao line quality standards are: at this stage have drafted by evergreen line industry co., LTD in henan province of DB - 2007 polyester FengBao line quality standards, FengBao line is divided into a number of different specific models, most of such as: 2 3 shares 10, 20 6 shares, etc.Different models are used for different weight industries and agricultural seal bags. The product selection needs to pay attention to the strength of the product and the length of the thread.

The products are mainly used for sewing industrial bags, such as woven bags, flour sacks, fertilizer bags, sugar bags, etc., and can also be used in fire fighting belts, carpets, industrial filters, construction lines, plates and other auxiliary materials.

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