polyester spun yarn divided into three type

- Jan 30, 2018 -

Polyester spun yarn is divided into large, middle and small chemical reduction


1 large chemical fiber "refers to the use of relatively sophisticated imported and domestic production equipment, the use of polyester melt direct spinning method or indirect spinning polyester chips spun out of the production of polyester staple fiber.As the" big fiber "products The raw materials used are basically all qualified grades, so the quality indicators of their regular products are superior. "Grand Fiber" polyester staple fiber is the leading raw material in cotton textile industry. "Big Fiber" production equipment is to eat "fine grain" equipment.

2. The vast majority of equipment used in "Sinofert" products and "small chemical fiber" products are produced by domestic small chemical fiber plant. Such production equipment, both in size and quality, are used in large chemical fiber production equipment, there is a large distance, so the use of such equipment to produce products and the "big fiber" to produce products also have obvious Quality difference.

Because of this, "China Chemical Fiber" and "small chemical fiber" equipment, such as the general use of external polyester chips and recycled polyester bottle chips, bubble material as raw material of polyester staple fiber. "China Chemical Fiber" and "small chemical fiber" production equipment is to eat "coarse grains" equipment.

3, "China Chemical Fiber" and "small chemical fiber" equipment used is basically the same. The main difference between them is:

"Chemical Fiber" is generally used in the production of regular polyester chip production plant and other well-processed foreign imports of polyester recycling bottles.

"Small chemical fiber" is basically the use of raw materials, general recovery of polyester bottle chips, polyester waste wire and waste recycling, such as polyester foam material

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