polyester yarn for sewing thread

- Jan 15, 2018 -

polyester yarn for sewing thread:

Sewing thread in the industry models are divided into: 202,203,402,403,602,603 and so on.

Line is usually composed of several strands of twisted yarn and made from the front of the sewing thread models such as 20, 40, 60, and so refers to the yarn count, yarn count can be simply understood as the thickness of the yarn, the higher the count, the yarn The more detailed; the back of the model 2, 3 respectively refers to the sewing thread is composed of several strands of yarn and twist.

For example: 603 is composed of three 60-strand yarn and twist. So the same number of yarn twist and into a sewing thread, the higher the count, the line is thinner, the intensity is smaller; the same number of yarn twist and into a sewing thread, the more shares, the line is thick, the strength The bigger

Line thickness comparison: 20/3> 20/2> 40/3> 40/2 = 60/3> 60/2 line intensity comparison with the thickness of the line similar! Generally speaking: 602 line for more thin fabrics, such as summer wear silk, georgette; 60/3 and 40/2 lines can be general , Is the most common sewing thread, the general fabric can be used, such as cotton, linen, polyester, viscose and other commonly used fabrics; 40/3 lines for thicker fabrics, such as fabrics; 20/2 and 20/3 lines can also be called Cowboy with lines, thick lines, high strength, used for denim, bags and other sewing

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