Quality and application of high strength sewing thread.

- Jan 11, 2018 -


The comprehensive index of quality of sewing thread is sewn.

The seaming ability indicates that the sewing thread can smoothly sew and form a good line trace under the specified conditions, and the ability to maintain a certain mechanical property in the online trace.

The advantages and disadvantages of jointability will have a direct impact on the production efficiency, sewn quality and performance.

According to the national standards, the sewing thread is classified into first grade, second grade and other foreign products.

In order to make the sewing thread have the best seam in the garment processing, the sewing effect is satisfactory, the correct choice and application of sewing thread is very important.

The correct application of sewing thread should follow the following principles:

(1) compatibility with fabric features: sewing thread and fabrics of the same or similar raw material, to ensure its shrinkage, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, durability, etc., to avoid line, the fabric shrinkage caused by the difference between appearance.

Diction is consistent with the clothing categories: clothing for special purposes, should consider the special function of sewing thread, such as spring clothing need elastic sewing thread, firefighters needed by the heat resistant, flame retardant and waterproof processing sewing thread.

(3) coordinated with stitch pattern: the thread trace different at different positions of the clothing, sewing thread should also change with it, such as sewing need a bulk or line deformation, double stitch should choose extensibility of line, crotch seam, shoulder seams should be fast, buckle eyeliner will be expected to wear.

(4) the price and quality unifies, the quality of the sewing thread and prices should be with the class of the clothing, high-end clothing with good quality and high price of sewing thread, medium and low-grade clothing with general quality, moderate price of sewing thread.

In general, sewing thread on the label is marked with sewing thread grade, using raw materials, yarn count and so on, which helps us to choose and use the sewing thread reasonably.

Sewing thread signs usually consist of four items (arranged in order) : yarn thickness, color, raw material, processing method.

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