Solve the problem of weak twisted yarn

- Nov 30, 2017 -

The harm of weak twisted yarn

1. Strong decline

2. Produce yellow and white gear. The contrast is more obvious after the absorption

3. Repeated breakage of the yarn

4. It is easy to produce grinding steel yarn

5. Knitting and weaving machine breakage increase

Weak twist easily produces a feather

7. Weak twist easily makes cotton ball (cotton knot)

8. The yarn with weak twist is used as the warp yarn, and the color of the warp is produced through the appearance of the warp - length

The main factor that produces weak twist yarn

1. Length of spindle band

2. The spindle tape runs to the diameter of the spindle

3. The spindle's biliary damage caused the spindle to return to failure

4. The weight of the weight of the spindle is small, so that the tension wheel tension is too small

5. The pipe is bad, producing the jumping tube

6. Excessive ingot with flying flowers

7. The spindle is stained with oil

8. There is grease on the roller

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