Some professional introduction of human cotton yarn

- Sep 18, 2017 -

Human cotton yarn is a regenerated cellulose fiber. It is the natural cellulose as raw material, through the alkali, aging, Huanghua and other processes made of soluble cellulose yellow acid ester, then soluble in dilute lye made of viscose, made by wet spinning.

Using different raw materials and spinning process, the common viscose fiber, high wet modulus viscose fiber and high strength viscose fiber can be obtained respectively. Ordinary viscose fiber has general physical and mechanical properties and chemical properties, but also cotton, wool and filament type, commonly known as man-made cotton, artificial hair and rayon. High wet modulus viscose rayon has high polymerization degree, strong strength and wet modulus. The fiber in the wet state of the unit line density per special can withstand. 0cN load, and under this load of the wet elongation rate of not more than 15%, mainly rich and powerful fiber. High strength viscose fiber has high strength and fatigue resistance.

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