spun polyester yarn for sewing thread

- Jan 27, 2018 -

 Spun polyester yarn /polyester spun yarn for sewing thread made by spinning together lengths of polyester staple into single bundles called plies. Two or more plies are then twisted together to produce a thread of the desired size. Many different finishes (such as hot wax, silicone, and silicone-free) may be applied to spun polyester thread to enhance the sewing performance for specific applications.

From our own factory, our 100% polyester yarn is made of glazed polyester staple fibre which can let thread look brighter.

 Material :Polyester

It's widely used for sewing thread ,knitting and closing etc of bag, pp woven sacks, garment, cap, glove, leather products, shoes, bedsheet, blanket etc by hand or machines.

100% polyester raw white sewing thread 2.high strength,evenness,bright,less broken ends,etc 
3.use:coloth,closing sewing,leather product,etc

Outstanding Features

1) high strength, low-elongation;

2) good evenness, less broken ends, bright;

3) anti-bacteria, anti-pilling, eco-friendly;

4) well sewing function, etc.

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