The characteristics of polyester filament thread

- Nov 09, 2017 -

The characteristics of polyester filament thread are: high oil content, generally 4-6%, which is treated by silicone wax, which is beneficial to improve seaming.High strength, 50% higher than polyester fiber thread;The filament elongation of white polyester filament is less than 13%, dyeing polyester filament elongation rate is below 21%.The polyester filament thread is similar to silk thread, which can meet the sewing requirement of leather goods and wool clothing.It can improve the sewing efficiency because of its small head and large packaging.It is packed in 10,000 ~ 50000m, with no more than 1.2 per 10,000 knots.A trapezoid slope is used to prevent the filament from slipping off.The twist coefficient ratio of initial twist and retwist is generally 1, 2-1.6.The end twist will be 2 twist to prevent the breakage of the sewing process.This sewing thread has a good appearance and color fastness, similar to silk thread.

Elastic sewing thread: polyester filament current clothing popular stretch fabric, knitted garments, sportswear, fitness pants, female underwear, tights and development soon, but their sewing thread must have a matching the elastic elongation.The elastic response string developed in China is more than 90%, with the elongation rate of 15% and 30% modified polyester filament stretch sewing thread, which can be used for the sewing of elastic materials.

Polyester staple fibre sewing thread: there are two kinds of polyester staple sewing thread sold at present.One is made of polyester filament cut and spun, one is made of polyester staple fiber spinning.In terms of performance, the former is worried about the polyester staple fiber.Because the polyester fiber has good abrasion resistance, high strength, low shrinkage, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to decay, etc, so the polyester staple fiber sewing thread sewing industry is currently the main thread, and special functions, such as flame retardant and waterproof, etc.) with lines also often with polyester thread for processing.As mentioned above, the gold and silver thread used for decoration is also made of polyester special processing.

Polyamide thread: nylon sewing thread has long silk thread, short fiber line and elastic deformation wire.Commonly used to sew synthetic fiber, and the clothing.It is stronger, more flexible and lighter than polyester thread, but it is less resistant and less light than polyester.Polyamide stretch sewing thread is made of polyamide 6 or polyamide 66 deformation elastic filament.Mainly used for sewing elastic knitted fabrics, bathing suits and underwear etc.The polyamide transparent sewing thread can make the line trace not obvious because of the color of various fabrics that can be blocked by the line, which can help to solve the difficulty of sewing wiring and simplify the operation.Our country has developed the nylon monofilament transparent sewing thread.The specification and technical conditions of the transparent sewing thread.

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