The characteristics of the sewing thread also have its unique properties due to the different materials.

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Cotton sewing thread

- good heat resistance, elasticity, abrasion resistance, moisture resistance, poor resistance to bacteria, suitable for high speed sewing and durable press.

The most commonly used is the long cotton yarn: it is made of long staple cotton, which is made by combing, burning, mercerizing, and with high twist, so the pull is better than ordinary combed cotton.

It is often used for sewing cotton garments and other pure cotton fabrics.

Cotton thread

The pure cotton thread is generally divided into two parts: comb and combing. The true 100% cotton thread can be used to make the whole combed cotton.

It's usually 402, 202, 203.

Is a cotton area of high quality cotton combing wool.

Pure cotton thread is often used for sewing and other pure cotton fabrics.

Polyester sewing thread

-- -high strength, beautiful and durable line trace;

Mildew, low price, rich color, not easy to fade, do not shrink.

Cotton-polyester sewing thread

--- made of 65% polyester staple fiber and 35% cotton fiber blended with high strength, good abrasion resistance, low shrinkage, good elasticity and good heat resistance.

Can sew various kinds of clothes.

Nylon sewing thread

-- -strong stretch, good elasticity, smooth texture, silky luster, good wear resistance.

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