The sewing thread is the right choice. The sewing thread factory teaches you how to buy sewing thread.

- Jan 11, 2018 -


Sewing thread is an indispensable accessory for all textile industries. How to choose and customize sewing thread is the problem faced by all textile manufacturers.

At present, the price of sewing thread in the market is huge, making it difficult for purchasers to judge the quality of sewing thread directly.

Yiwu Yin xiang sewing line factory has ten years of sewing thread production, processing, custom experience, to judge sewing thread quality has certain experience.

In order to understand the quality of sewing thread products, the following points are briefly listed:

The material

Different fabrics, use different materials of sewing thread, nylon thread, pure cotton thread, polyester thread, polyester thread all have different characteristics.

Take on the market at present the most used polyester thread, polyester fiber has high strength, good abrasion resistance, dyeing, low price advantage, polyester staple fiber line (commonly known as cotton) is one of the most used clothing industry line, often said 402, 203 line is refers to the kind of line;

However, polyester filament yarn (high strength line) is widely used in leather, luggage, shoes and other industries due to its high strength and luster. The common models are 150D, 300D, 500D, etc.

There are many kinds of sewing thread material in the market, we can choose the same material according to the information provided by the sample or the customer.

If 100% POLYESTER (POLYESTER line), the material on the market at present all the name is the same, but the price of the same material differs, is part of the sewing thread manufacturer adopted the principle of blending 60% POLYESTER + 40% recycled materials, so have a great advantage in price, but quality and tension has certain differences, and this kind of material is often short of standard testing.

Sewing thread customization


A. Whether there is hair or bead appearance in the appearance of the finished sewing thread, whether the appearance is uniform or not, if not evenly, there is a connector inside.

B. The appearance roughness of the finished sewing thread is uniform and used to determine whether there is a joint.

C. The finished sewing thread is formed normally and clearly marked.

Quality comparison of sewing thread.

The intensity of

The tensile strength of the sewing thread must be constantly checked by the instrument, and the tension strength of the thread will vary greatly due to the influence of raw material market factors.

Environmental protection

Some customers, especially foreign trade customers very tall to the requirement of environmental protection, environmental protection sewing thread detection, in addition to sewing thread manufacturer to provide the relevant certificate, also must be strictly detection (can make the third party testing) spot check, and ensure the validity of the relevant certificates.

Expansion rate (elongation)

Sewing thread telescopic degrees has certain indicators, low-end sewing thread in your hands, when you use the hand, sewing thread will exhibit a degree of elasticity that easy to make sewing thread length, and can make the line and not up to the standard of the line specifications, this is because the sewing thread after high temperature without special craft processing.

Wear-resistant, high temperature resistance.

The wear resistance and high temperature resistance of sewing thread are also very important characteristics.

Sewing thread is easy to break when sewing, which is the reason why the sewing thread has not reached the heat resistance.


Lack of twist and excess can lead to problems.

When sewing thread is in the sewing thread, there will be beads and loose strands, because of the insufficient twist of the sewing thread in the twist process, and the excessive twist will cause the strength drop, knot and other problems.

Color fastness

The color fastness should reach certain index, otherwise will have fade, fade to wait for a problem.

Foot and foot weight

Some sewing thread sewing thread manufacturer in order to reduce costs, to reduce weight, increasing the means to reduce the cost of line, such as tube for some covet cheap customers buy "to" line, the following is our company's purchase of this kind of low price in the market line, compared with the actual product we do

  • 10/3 100% Polyester Bag Stitcher Thread
  • 12/5(Nm20/5) Bag Sewing Thread 250g
  • Polyester Thread Used On Bag Closer Machines
  • Fischbein Bag Sewing Machine Thread
  • Thread for Industrial Bag-stitching Machines
  • Bag Sewing Thread 7% Silicone Lubricant

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