The true meaning of the count of cotton yarn

- Sep 18, 2017 -

The yarn is not only the thickness of the yarn, its representation is S, D, N, Tex, Dtex and so on. Specific fabrics are used in specific specifications, where s and D are more commonly used. And the technical literature is generally converted to Tex.

S is the number of imperial branches, it refers to the rate of regain, the weight of a pound of yarn, its length is a few 840 yards, is called a few yarn line. General staple Fiber yarn support is expressed in s, short fiber in English as spun. The thicker the yarn s value the smaller; the finer the yarn, the greater the S value, such as 40S than 20S of yarn branch more fine.

D is denier (Daniel) abbreviation, is a kind of fineness expression method of chemical fiber, refers to 9000 meters long silk in the steady regain rate of weight grams. The number of strands of the general filament is expressed in D, and the filament is expressed in English as filament. The larger the D, the thicker the yarn, such as 75D is thicker than the 50D

Tex Teksi, also known as "numbers", referred to as special, old called the public branch. It refers to the number of grams of the 1000-metre-long yarn at a steady moisture regain. Cotton yarn Price is not only the ingredients of raw materials, but also mainly with the number of cotton yarn to change, our regular number of support is generally 21S, 32S, 42S, so the price is also based on this three specifications to be developed, generally with 32S as the core.

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