Type and skill of sewing thread

- Nov 16, 2017 -

The sewing thread besides the suture function, also plays the adornment effect.The dosage of the sewing thread and costs may share in the whole clothing is not big, but the efficiency of sewing, sewing quality and appearance quality has to do with this major, and what kind of fabrics under what circumstances use what kind of line, is a matter most is not easy to learn.

Cotton and silk

The composition of natural fiber is mainly cotton, silk, cotton fiber sewing thread strength is good, good heat resistance is good, suitable for high speed sewing and durable pressing, its elasticity and wear resistance are slightly worse.In addition to the normal soft line, there are also cotton threads that are treated with waxing wax and silk.Wax light increases in strength and wear resistance, which reduces friction resistance during sewing.Suitable for rigid fabric and leather fabric sewing.And the silky texture is soft and lustrous, the strength is also improved, the feeling of the feeling is more used in high-grade cotton products.The cotton thread is still easily broken in the impression, because the post-processing of the cotton sewing thread has not achieved the ideal toughness.So, the cotton thread should not be very wide.Silk in such aspects as gloss, flexibility, strength, abrasion resistance is better than cotton, but obviously at a disadvantage in terms of price, it is mainly suitable for silk and high-grade garment sewing, but the heat resistance and strength is lower than that of polyester long silk thread.Therefore, it is commonly used to count polyester threads in synthetic fibers.


The polyester thread is widely used in cotton fabric, chemical fiber and blended fabric because of its high strength, low shrinkage rate, wear-resisting and heat resistance.Polyester has filament, short silk and polyester low elastic silk thread several.Among them, polyester staple fiber is mainly used to sew cotton, polyester, wool and blended, is the most widely used sewing thread.And the most of the knitting clothing such as sportswear, underwear, tights is elastic polyester low elastic thread and nylon strength line.Additional hybrid fibers of the polyester and silk because in flexibility and gloss and toughness better than pure polyester fiber, so use a wider range, ultrathin fabrics using natural little also not polyester yarn and nylon.

Polyamide and blended

Nylon thread wearability is good, strong, shiny and elastic, because it has a little heat resistance, so it is not suitable for high speed sewing and high-temperature whole hot fabric.The commonly used long silk thread is suitable for the sewing of chemical fiber clothes and the fastener of all kinds of clothes.Nylon and nylon monofilament adaptation range is aimed at some of the larger fabric, elastic fabric is tension for the manual operation stand in the edge of clothing, pants, cuff and buttons, also can be used for decoration line such as belt KouPan in women's clothing, the sleeve seam allowance and hem lines of Chinese style clothing decoration.

Blended yarn 

The polyester thread is blended with polyester, and the ratio is about 65:35.This kind of linear form of wear-resisting resistance is good, and the line is soft, also applicable to all kinds of cotton fabrics, chemical fiber and knitted sewing and cuff.Bag outside of the conductor is cotton, polyester is inside, because the structural core strength is high, quality is soft and elastic, small shrinkage, dual characteristic of both cotton and polyester and the applicable Yu Zhonghou fabric high-speed sewing.These sewing threads still have wide use potential.

Gold thread and silver thread

The characteristics of the silk decoration line are colorful, elegant and soft color;The rayon decoration line is made of viscose, although the gloss and the feel of the hand are good, but the strong silk is less than silk.Additionally gold, silver line adornment effect receives more and more attention.The gold and silver line is also called process decoration line, which is obtained by coating the polyester fiber with color coating.Used for the design, bright line and local decoration of Chinese clothing in time.

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