What is the classification of yarns according to their thickness?

- Sep 18, 2017 -

The standard of classification of yarns is different, product categories also differ, a little description of the yarn according to the weight classification, with specific categories.

1, coarse special yarn, coarse special yarn is refers to 32 special and above the yarn. This kind of yarn is suitable for coarse thick fabric, such as tweed, coarse flat cloth and so on.

2, medium special Yarn, medium special yarn refers to 21~32 special yarn. This type of yarn is suitable for medium and heavy fabrics, such as flat cloth, gabardine, khaki and so on.

3, fine special yarn, fine special yarn is refers to 1 $number special yarn. These yarns are suitable for thin fabrics such as fine cloth, poplin, etc.

4, Superfine special yarn, special fine yarn is refers to 10 special and its following yarn. This kind of yarn is suitable for high-grade fine fabric, such as fine special shirt, worsted sweater and so on.

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