American Thread Industry Invented Recycled Core Environmental Sewing Thread

- Nov 07, 2017 -

March 30, 2017, American Line Global releases new world-class sewing thread using recycled core - Perma Core using REPREVE®.

This is a sewing thread that uses recycled core REPREVE®. Recycled wire core is to collect waste plastic bottles, into polyester fiber, and then further processed into. The new line released by the US wire industry using high-performance, high quality and eco-friendly sewing thread, the concept of sustainable development in action. As the new REPREVE® brand is used across many brands, it will be re-circulated around the world.

More and more apparel brands, retailers and environmentally conscious customers have put forward higher environmental protection needs. They hope to start from the surface of accessories sources to promote the concept of environmental protection. This new product will also be used in high-quality jeans, overalls, men's and women's sewing.

It is reported that the new product uses environmentally friendly core from REPREVE, it is a commitment to recycling plastic bottles waste recycling brand. The brand will be discarded plastic bottles into 100% recycled polyester fiber, and then made into industrial products sold to global consumer brands and retailers. REPREVE has so far worked with companies such as Adidas, New Balance, Timberland, and the U.S. Wire Industry. In recent years, REPREVE has become more and more widely used, not limited to apparel brands, but also to non-apparel industries, such as the Ford automotive industry. Since 2009, REPREVE has changed the fate of more than 4 billion plastic bottles, and they have been made into recyclable recycled products.

Released around the world in March 2017, Perma Core using REPREVE® will be available to customers worldwide. The new products will be manufactured at various locations in the USA. The first release sizes are Tex 40, Tex60, Tex80 and Tex105.

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