American Thread Industry Invented Reflective Sewing Thread New Products

- Nov 07, 2017 -

On February 7, 2017, as the world's leading brand of industrial sewing threads, American Wire Industry officially announced the release of the new Reflector.

It is reported, Anefil ™ Reflector is a reflective effect of special sewing thread, which in the field of industrial sewing thread come out, called an innovative achievement. The new product can be widely used in outdoor sportswear, tooling, safety protective clothing, swimwear, jeans, soccer shoes and socks need reflective effect on the shoes and apparel. In the clothing sewn into the grid or do the package edge, you can show the surprising effect of the reflective.

"The exploration of the US wire industry drives us to continue to innovate, as evidenced by the advent of this reflective sewing thread." According to Mark Hatton, executive vice president of Wire Industry, "the Anefil ™ Reflector is now available in spec Tex 120. The advent of the reflective tape will be to break the reflective market monopoly.Reflective sewing thread in the sewing on the clothing sewing edge, grid and other decorative effects for the reflective clothing market to add a flexible and valuable new choice.

Through the global service network layout, the products of the American line industry are produced in 23 countries around the world and sold to more than 100 countries. Wherever you are, where garment factories are located, customers worldwide can quickly access high-quality, color-coded industrial sewing threads.

  • 12/4(Nm20/4) Polyester Bag Sewing Thread 5kg
  • 10/3 100% Polyester Bag Stitcher Thread
  • BAG STITCHING THREAD 12/5(Nm20/5) With Silicone
  • Newlong Bag Closer Machine Thread
  • Thread for PP Woven Sacks
  • Thread for Multi-word Paper Bags

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