Classification Of Fiber Sewing Thread

- Oct 09, 2017 -

First, the natural fiber sewing thread

1, cotton sewing thread: cotton fiber as raw material by refining bleaching, sizing, waxing and other links made of sewing thread. Cotton sewing thread can be divided into no light (or cord), silk light and wax light. Cotton sewing thread strength is high, good heat resistance, suitable for high-speed sewing and durable pressing. Mainly used for cotton fabric, leather and high temperature ironing clothing sewing, and the disadvantage is poor flexibility and wear resistance.

2, silk thread: made of natural silk filament or silk thread, with excellent luster, its strength, flexibility and wear resistance are better than cotton. Suitable for sewing all kinds of silk clothing, high-grade woolen clothing, fur and leather clothing.

Second, synthetic fiber sewing thread

Filament refers to the continuous fiber, such as silk and chemical fiber silk when the continuous tow. Usually with a dozen or dozens of single filaments together woven, fabric surface smooth, luster strong, often used as summer fabric. Short fiber refers to the length of a few millimeters to tens of millimeters of fiber, such as cotton, wool, hemp and other natural fibers, can also be made of filament cut off. Short fibers must be spinning process, so that between the fiber twist together to form a continuous yarn for weaving. Staple fabric surface hairiness, plump fluffy, commonly used in autumn and winter fabric.

Polyester staple sewing thread: 100% polyurethane polyester staple fiber as raw material, with high strength, good elasticity, wear resistance, low shrinkage, good chemical stability. Surface with wool, temperature 130 degrees, high temperature dyeing. Polyester raw materials are the most resistant materials in all materials, dry cleaning, stone washing, bleaching and other detergent materials, its low elongation and low stretch rate, with flexibility, paste, color, color fastness and other characteristics , To protect the excellent seamability, and to prevent wrinkles and jump needle. Mainly used for denim, sportswear, leather products, wool and uniforms and other industrial sewing, is currently the most used, the most popular sewing thread.

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