Color Link Global Line America Releases Colorlink

- Nov 07, 2017 -

In May 2016, American Wireline released ColorlinkApp globally, along with ColorlinkNano, a complementary color recognition tool.

It is reported that the US line industry in the field of industrial sewing has gone 125 years of history, the occasion of the anniversary of the occasion to release the first App software -Colorlink, it is back to the global customers a "color" gift. Colorlink condenses and visualizes the color selection technology for more than a hundred years, linking links from design to finished product color selection throughout the sewing thread, facilitating collaboration among all aspects of the process and ensuring that color is rendered.

Colorlink offers 3,500 color choices for this app, which can be downloaded for Android, Apple phones and tablets. Colorlink opened a gorgeous color door for fashion designers, linking designers and production managers, from the initial color to garment sewing effect, every aspect of the color can be visualized, the designer's personal stitch Creative will be reflected in the real clothing.

"Sewing thread color selection is an important part of garment design and production, but in practice it is often the last step in production," said Chris Alt, senior vice president of sales at Wire America. "Colorlink is an easy-to-use, flexible color Choosing a tool is more than just a magical box, it's a quick entry to a massive color database platform that gives designers and color-setting professionals more confidence because the colors they initially choose will be the same as the garments, Visual effects will be truly impressive. "

In addition, Colorlink can easily help you:

1. Assign color and meet creative ideas at any time: If you create a personal color folder, find the complementary color position

2. Color management, at any time with colleagues, suppliers to share the details of the selected color

3. On-line stitches and fabrics in real, simulated the effect of the selected color

4. Contact the US wire industry global representative office, apply sample line, confirm the color

Colorlink also released a portable tool called ColorcatchNano. Touch the button to identify the color, whether it is smooth or textured fabric can be operated and works well.

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