Color Spinning High Profit No Longer How Attractive?

- Sep 18, 2017 -

In recent years, China's pure cotton yarn industry profit margins have shrunk significantly, while the color spinning is recognized by the industry because of higher added value. At present, China's color spinning varieties continue to increase, the quality of the grade has been significantly improved, become the textile industry characteristic products and achieve economic growth highlights. But a few days ago found that more and more enterprises began to feel that the color spinning profits also began to shrink significantly, far less than the previous two years.

Color spinning on the same yarn can show a variety of colors, rich color, full and soft. Due to the different types of fiber shrinkage or color differences, in the yarn woven cloth finishing processing, will make the appearance of color rich, soft color, three-dimensional strong style, color spinning products has become a leading fashion trend of important elements. In addition, the color spinning with environmental protection, fashion and other characteristics, suitable for small batches, many varieties of production, China's small and medium-sized enterprises in the survival of the better choice. But some industry insiders say that entering the field of color spinning, there is a certain technical threshold, blindly increase investment, will cause vicious competition in the industry, thus disrupting the market order, damage the interests of enterprises. Only from the innovation of the process of color spinning, the progress of the technology of the color spinning and the application of the new colored fiber, can we keep the high value added of the products.

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