Diversified Trends In Textile Research And Development

- Sep 18, 2017 -

In order to seize the market share, more and more textile enterprises in China began to differentiate products, new fiber direction development, textile product development presents a diversified trend.

Recently, Nantong Double Hong Textile Co., Ltd. The latest research and development of new products: fiber yarn, moisture wicking yarn, moisture-absorbing warm yarn, can dye polypropylene yarn, viloft yarn, fog PM2.5 anti-bacterial yarn, recycled polyester yarn, simulation silk yarn, etc. have been favored by the vast number of customers. "Instrument lun imitation cotton yarn is mainly to Yizheng chemical fiber company developed a new type of fiber as raw materials." This product combines compact spinning, Siro spinning, compact spinning, all-poly spinning technology, developed all kinds of smooth, soft pure spinning, blended yarn, with soft touch, moisture absorption fast wait function. "Nantong Shuang Hong Textile co., Ltd." The relevant person Triyi said.

In addition to the yarn-like cotton yarn, viloft yarns are also in recent years Nantong Shuang Hong widely promoted products. It is understood that the main raw material of viloft yarn is extracted from the wood pulp of artificial plantation forest in nature, the quantity of raw material is large and reproducible, and the exploitation of resources will not be predatory. In addition, the product is particularly loose, good elasticity, good thermal insulation, with cashmere-like lightness, comfort and softness.

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