Domestic Cotton Resources Are Nervous

- Nov 03, 2017 -

According to the statistics center of China textile industry association, China imported 62,382 tons of cotton yarn in February 2017, with an import amount of $156.3 million.The import price of imported cotton yarn reached 170449 tons in January and February, with an import amount of usd 431 million, a year-on-year increase of 54.4 percent, 64.45 percent, and the import price increased by 6.49 percent year on year.

The most year-on-year increase in imports in January and February was the cotton yarn, with a total import volume of 86,6667 tons, and the total amount of imports reached us $186.74 million, an increase of 98.06% and 125.1% year-on-year.From the perspective of country, from January to February, China imported cotton yarn mainly from Pakistan, India, Vietnam and Taiwan.The amount of cotton imported from Pakistan in the first two months of this year amounted to 69,944 tons and imports of $15,872, up 63.05% and 100.86%, respectively.The fastest growth was in Vietnam, where the amount and the amount of cotton imported from Vietnam increased by 121.73 per cent and 138.13 per cent in the first two months of this year, to 14,123 tonnes and us $35.27 million respectively.

Due to the recent textile warming, domestic cotton resources are tight, and domestic and foreign cotton prices have risen sharply, so many enterprises adopt the situation of direct import of cotton yarn from abroad to reduce the cost pressure.

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