How Much Do You Know About The Spinning Process?

- Sep 18, 2017 -

Ring spinning: Spindle wire ring rotation introduced, tube winding speed than the wire ring faster, cotton yarn is twisted into spinning. Widely used in various short fiber spinning projects.

Airflow spinning: Air spinning without spindles, mainly by carding rollers, spinning cups, false twisting devices and other components. The carding roller is used to grab and comb the cotton fiber, and the centrifugal force produced by his high speed rotary can throw the fiber out of the grab.

Air-jet Spinning: Air-jet spinning is a new kind of spinning method which uses high speed rotating airflow to twist yarn into yarn. Air-jet spinning using cotton bar feeding, Siro pull double short rubber ring large stretch, through fixed nozzle twisting into yarn.

Eddy Current spinning: Eddy current spinning is a new type of spinning method, which utilizes a fixed swirl spinning tube to replace a spinning cup of high speed rotating.

Siro spinning: Also life and twist spinning, domestic known as a, B yarn, the recent official life for Siro spinning.

Compact spinning: Compact spinning is a new kind of spinning technology for spinning on the improved new ring spinning frame.

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