Polyester Filament Yarn Characteristics

- Sep 30, 2017 -

Polyester filament yarn is characterized by: high oil content, generally 4% -6%, are treated by silicone wax, which is beneficial to improve the seamability; high strength, 50% higher than the polyester staple fiber line; white polyester filament Elongation below 13%, dyeing polyester filament elongation of 21% or less. Polyester filament yarn and silk thread similar to leather products and wool clothing to meet the sewing requirements. As the knot less, large packaging, can improve the sewing efficiency. Mostly 10000 ~ 50000m packaging, the end of every 10,000 meters no more than 1.2; often use trapezoidal side of the pagoda tube to prevent the filament slip off. The twist factor ratio of the initial twist and the twist is generally 1,2-1.6. The final twist are 2 twist, to prevent the process of sewing and break the head. The appearance of this sewing thread gloss and color fastness are good, similar to silk thread.

Polyester filament stretch sewing thread: the current stretch fabric clothing popular, knitted garments, sportswear, fitness pants, lingerie, tights and other development are very fast, but their sewing thread must have a matching elastic elongation. China developed the elastic recovery string in more than 90%, elongation were 15% and 30% of the modified polyester filament stretch sewing thread, can be used for elastic material sewing.

Polyester staple fiber sewing thread: the current commercial polyester staple fiber sewing thread there are two. One is made of polyester filament cut after spinning, one is made of polyester staple fiber spinning. In the use of performance on the former worry about the general polyester staple fiber line.

Polyester staple fiber sewing thread is the main thread of sewing industry, Flame retardant, waterproof, etc.) are often processed with polyester processing from the line. As mentioned above, for the decoration of the gold and silver lines, is also a special processing made of polyester.

Nylon thread: nylon sewing thread with filament yarn, short fiber line and elastic deformation line three. Generally used for sewing chemical fiber, it sealed clothing. It is compared with the polyester line, strong stretch, good elasticity, and lighter, but its wear and light resistance is less than polyester.

Nylon stretch sewing thread is made of nylon 6 or nylon 66 deformation of elastic filament. Mainly used for sewing flexible larger knitted fabrics, swimwear and underwear and so on.

Nylon transparent sewing thread can be inserted into the line by a variety of fabric color, can make the stitch is not obvious, which is conducive to solve the difficulties of sewing wiring, simplifying the operation. China has developed a nylon monofilament transparent sewing thread. Its transparent sewing thread specifications and technical conditions. More about work clothes.

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