Pure Polyester Fiber Is Widely Used In Sewing Machine

- Nov 11, 2017 -

In the field of sewing equipment except some equipment is one of the important sewing thread is used for sewing a dress, it is used for knitting clothing need to use line, Ann material with natural fiber, synthetic fiber and the mixture of the three.However, with the beginning of the country's polyester industry, the bathroom sewing thread is mainly made of pure polyester fiber.

Polyester fiber is a kind of synthetic fiber, it has the advantage of high intensity, in a number of sewing thread can be in second place, will not reduce the strength, the advantage of small shrinkage, so by the attention of many consumers, with practical and beautiful, no shrinkage effect.

Is one has many advantages of pure polyester fiber, so now see polyester sewing thread has been widely used, in sewing equipment in pure polyester fiber to replace some of the work on the sequence.

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