Teach You How To Reduce Yarn Defects And Improve Productivity

- Sep 18, 2017 -

Main influence factors of operation on yarn defects and Countermeasures

⑴ the clean-type yarn defects caused by poor cleaning, improper cleaning method and nonstandard yarn-proof behavior. Must formulate clear "five fixed" clean work requirements, and class inspection to implement. Procedures must be developed to prevent yarn defects and strict implementation of the code.

The single operation level of ⑵ value lathe (package joint quality) has great effect on long coarse long fine yarn defects. The operation level should be improved and the operation method should be improved to meet the quality requirement.

⑶ and strict implementation of the provisions of the management of emergency prevention: a check: succession and cleaning after roller, pressure bar is put in place, after the decapitation check whether the pressure bar function normal, after winding up roller have no bump injury; Second touch: After the succession and the class to touch the trumpet two times, check the vibration, impact. Three listen: On the tour at all times notice the trumpet has no impact sound abnormal. Four see: Class View two times Roller roller has no fly, velvet sleeve has no white flowers, bellows have no absorption. Five reports: Found abnormal immediately stop inspection and report monitor, and forward tracking, qualified rear can drive.

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