Textile Machinery Automation Technology Trends

- Nov 06, 2017 -

Textile machinery automation technology trends

The next few years, the development of textile machinery automation technology, the main trends include: dedicated controller will increase the use of more transmission is more common and the field bus to increase the use of these three areas.

Dedicated controller will increase use. Dedicated controller based on embedded products relative to the PLC has a computing power, easy communication features, high-volume use also has the advantage of lower cost. Textile machinery control requirements are relatively simple, the use of large, very suitable for the development of dedicated controller, loom, knitting and dyeing and finishing equipment are currently using a dedicated controller.

The use of multi-drive more common. Relatively concentrated drive and then through the mechanical mechanism to transfer and distribute power compared to multi-drive can effectively reduce the complexity of the device to improve drive efficiency, facilitate process adjustments, reduce maintenance and shorten the design and development cycle of new equipment. Currently roving machine, spinning frame, winding machine with a variety of chemical fiber machinery have used a multi-drive technology, field bus technology and a total of DC bus technology to make more transmission more superiority. Cost is the key factor limiting the mass use of multi-drive, the gradual reduction in drive prices will enable more users to try multi-drive products.

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