The Development Trend Of Textile Machinery Automation Technology

- Nov 03, 2017 -

In the next few years, the textile machinery industry automation technology the main development trends include: special controller use will increase, the use of transmission is more common and more fieldbus applied to increase these three aspects.

The use of dedicated controllers will increase.The special controller based on embedded products has the advantages of high computing power and convenient communication, and it has the advantage of low cost.The control requirements of textile machinery are relatively simple and large in bulk. It is very suitable for developing special controller. Currently, it is used in the use of special controller for knitting, knitting and partial dyeing and finishing equipment.Multi-transmission is more common.

Relatively concentrated driven by mechanical transmission and distribution power way, compared to more transmission can effectively reduce the complexity of the equipment, improve the efficiency of driving, convenient process adjustment, reduce the amount of maintenance and shorten the design period of new equipment.At present, the roving machine, spinning frame, winding machine and all kinds of chemical fiber machinery have already used multi-drive technology, fieldbus technology and common dc bus technology have made multi-drive more advantageous.

Cost is the key factor limiting the large number of applications, and the gradual reduction of drive price will enable more users to try multi-drive products.Field bus application increased.

Some textile machinery is composed of several closely related processes, and the use of field bus to coordinate each process can effectively improve production efficiency.At present, short fiber, dyeing and finishing production line and some large scale machines are beginning to use fieldbus.

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