The Difference Between Polyester And Chiffon

- Sep 18, 2017 -

A: Chiffon to be divided into polyester and silk, polyester feel very poor, and silk is very good, but it is not necessarily Joe what, there may be snow cloud spinning, there is a difference. The advantage of polyester is that washing will not deform, the disadvantage is to wear really very sultry, after all, chemical products. The advantage of silk is to wear really very breathable, and sweating immediately after the dry, the disadvantage is to take care of all to be handmade, but also need the whole hot.

Two: The nose is commonly known as fiber, is a chemical synthesis products, is a very soft plastic woven into, not breathable, heat deformation. Chiffon is the weaving of the craft category ', according to the composition, but pure silk, can also be pure chemical fiber, or is blended, the past general snow spinning called "yarn", chiffon and yarn is actually a material, but changed a name only. Chiffon is silk, that is, silkworms silk, man-made weaving, because of the different process, and ordinary silk, silk produced a different thick texture. Life Common Sense

Three: Chiffon is a lightweight fabric, like a yarn. Polyester is a synthetic fiber, is the raw material of weaving snow spinning. Chiffon Longitude raw material is polyester fiber, just add twist, the conventional polyester fiber is usually a lot of filament, chiffon, Joe its, high silk treasure, shun wrinkle, etc. are simulation silk fabrics, raw materials are polyester fiber. Chiffon is georgette, with silk as raw material. Chiffon is polyester, polyester filament made of yarn.

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