The Future Development Trend Of Textile Industry?

- Sep 18, 2017 -

In the global economic slowdown, the traditional textile market generally depressed situation, Europe and the United States and Japan and other economically developed countries in the textile industry to improve product value, expand product sales, make full use of advanced science and technology, and actively develop High-tech textile clothing, and achieved remarkable results, Will this be the trend of global textile industry?

US region: This year has introduced a series of High-tech textiles and clothing. Malden Textile Co., Ltd. developed a fabric that can automatically generate heat through micro-fibres and lithium-ion batteries; The company introduced the use of micro-fiber, with perspiration decontamination function of jeans; North Company launches small lithium-ion batteries for energy-high-tech jackets, the temperature of the clothes can be adjusted by the regulator; Hanes Inc. will launch in July the use of tea and concentrated grapefruit to make particles of capsules woven into the fabric of fat-like plastic pantyhose; MIT's Military Nanotechnology Institute is also planning to start next month to develop bulletproof, Anti-gas, automatic healing, change color according to the scene of the soldier uniforms.

Europe: the "Textile Club" of more than 30 textile enterprises in the northern part of France, which is woven from fiber and traditional yarns, is a "luminous cloth", it can be widely used in signal sign, safety warning and rear awning of rear of truck; the French telecom company has developed knitted underwear with fiber-optic frequency curtains, You can change the color according to the user's requirements. The British football medical and Sports science department has developed a special heat-resistant vest for the England national team to keep the wearer cool and comfortable, reduce sweating and avoid dehydration. Swedish Texcote Co., Ltd. uses nanotechnology to develop waterproof, wrinkle-proof and antifouling coatings on fabrics such as cotton, hemp, silk and wool.

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