The New Version Of The Textile Standards Pay More Attention To Environmental Protection

- Nov 20, 2017 -

Reporter yesterday from Quanzhou Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Shishi Office was informed that the new "National Safety Technical Code for Textile Products" (GB18401-2010) will be officially implemented on August 1 this year, the new standard pay more attention to the safety of textile products, thus The production of textile and garment enterprises also put forward higher requirements, health and environmental protection has become the trend of the textile and apparel industry trend.

It is reported that since the implementation on January 1, 2005, GB18401 has played an important role in effectively protecting the health of Chinese textile consumers, standardizing the market of textile products and improving the overall level of China's textile industry. Compared with the 2003 version of the standard, the 2010 version of the new standard mainly in the following two major changes: First, the scope of the standard addition to retain the original use and decoration of textile products, the new home textiles; does not belong to the standard The range of textile products catalogs increased from 10 to 13 with the addition of disposable hygiene products, bags, backpacks, shoes, umbrellas and rugs; and the definition of infant and child was changed from 24 months to 36 months and below. The second is the physical and chemical indicators banned azo dyes added "4-amino azobenzene", reaching 24 species; the direct contact with skin textile products PH value range from 4.0-7.5 revised 4.0-8.5; provides resistance to saliva color Fastness only assessment of infant textile products, curtains and other hanging decoration products do not assess the color fastness to perspiration, natural and bleaching products and tie-dye, batik and other traditional hand-coloring products do not assess the color fastness; and increased color fastness , Formaldehyde, PH value, can be decomposed carcinogenic aromatic amine dye sampling requirements of the test.

To this end, Quanzhou Exit Inspection and Quarantine Shishi Office suggested that the relevant export enterprises pay close attention to the new standard updates and changes in order to timely response.

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