The Production Characteristics Of Polyester Sewing Thread

- Nov 11, 2017 -

The polyester sewing thread can also be called packet line, which is divided into civilian sewing thread and industrial suture line, which is mainly used for packaging of bags or industrial bags.So far, it has the characteristics of alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and acid resistance.Widely used in feed mill, chemical fertilizer plant, cement factory, rice factory, construction materials factory.

It can be used in woven bag, paper bag, sack, compound bag stitching.

1. The production of polyester sewing thread is used in electronic intelligent production equipment, and the whole process is monitored and yarn processing.Eliminate finished product missing, multi - stock situation, submit finished product stability.

2. Few joints of polyester suture, dry and twist stability.

3. Use advanced equipment to add twist, solve the industry problem of running stock and braids, and submit the product quality.

4. Use circular arc forming design to eliminate the formation of web yarn and effectively help users to submit sewing efficiency.

5. The coil is strictly designed for the end of the yarn, so that the user can change the thread without stopping, and solve the trouble of stopping the thread.

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