The Terra-cotta Warriors Have Discovered Silk Threads

- Nov 03, 2017 -

The terra-cotta warriors have discovered silk threads for more than 2,000 years

The third excavation of the terracotta warriors, which began in 2009, has been pleasantly surprised.Recently, the unearthed lacquered Fu "cage" on, archaeological experts accidentally discovered traces of silk fabric, this discovery process valuable to the study of qin dynasty lacquer.

"Cage Fu" is the qin dynasty is placed inside the car stuff container, have been found on here before a bronze with JianCu Fu "cage".At present is still on the Terra Cotta Warriors pit number one third archaeological, found three pieces Fu "cage".

Archaeological experts in microscopic observation was carried out on the no. 1 "cage Fu", under the thin film, accidentally discovered traces of silk - these silk by the clear mixture of silk thread woven, in plain weave, about 30 per square centimetre root meridian and 30 parallel.Each thread is made from dozens of silk strands, with an average diameter of 0.38 mm.

According to expert introduction, these "cage Fu" adopted "clip Zhu (zhu)" process.It was a great invention of the working people of ancient China, which began in the late warring states period and was a mature process in qin and han dynasties.Specific steps: apply the paint to the wood tire first, then paste or twist the fabric, and then paint it.As a result, the hardness of the lacquerware has increased, and it has become more durable.

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