The United States Issued A New Reflective Sewing Thread

- Sep 28, 2017 -

It is reported that the Anefil™ Reflector is a special reflective effect in the field of industrial sewing thread, sewing thread was called a innovation.


The product can be widely used in outdoor sports clothing, overalls, safety protection clothes, swimwear, jeans, shoes and socks to the reflective effect of football shoes on. When a garment is sewn into a grid or made into a wrapping, a surprising reflection effect can be presented.

"The United States line exploration spirit to promote our continuous innovation, the reflection is proof that the advent of sewing thread." Executive vice president Mark Hatton said: "the Anefil™ Reflector thread available for the specification of Tex 120. The advent of this product will break the reflective belt monopoly monopoly market. The reflective sewing line can be used for sewing, wrapping, gridding and other decorative effects on the clothes, so as to provide a flexible and valuable new choice for the reflective clothing market."

Through the global service network layout, the thread products by the 23 countries in the global production, sold in more than 100 countries. No matter where they are, where the garment factories are located, the global customers can quickly obtain industrial sewing lines of high quality and color standards.

The thread is manufacturer and supplier of global industrial sewing and embroidery threads, has factories in 23 countries, the service network in over 50 countries, sold in more than 100 countries. A&E sewing thread is widely used in the sewing of various industrial products, such as garments, automobiles, textiles, household textiles, medical textiles and shoes. The company is committed to the social responsibility of industry leaders in the field of environmental sustainability, while striving for excellence in quality and quality customer service. The United States in the global standard thread execution, the maximum extent to protect more than 10000 employees of the safety and health of the world.

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