Three Possible Trends In The Future Development Of Textile Industry

- Sep 18, 2017 -

According to the domestic development of China's textile industry in 2016 and external import and export situation, the future development of China's textile industry may be three trends, the domestic textile industry enterprises need to recognize China's current and future years of domestic situation and international situation, in the author's view, the situation may be less optimistic, and look at the analysis. Cotton resources Supply has heavy "domestic cotton" light "cotton" trend from the 2016 cotton resources supply status quo, the state vigorously promote the storage of cotton, real estate cotton into the market, and foreign cotton such as the United States Cotton, India Cotton, Australian cotton Import volume has been limited. On the one hand, because these foreign cotton can provide domestic textile enterprises to meet the production of cotton varieties of limited quality, Chinese enterprises mainly imported/, Emot, SJV and other varieties of high quality, high-grade cotton. In addition, the United States led several major alliances to trade restrictions on China, the United States to the signatories to provide U.S. cotton imports priority, the signatories are Vietnam, Pakistan, Turkey, Indonesia, Mexico and other countries. (with the rest of the cotton, even the little ones, I don't think so). Indian Cotton as one of China's main import resources, but because of Pakistan's frenzied demand for Indian cotton, the price of Indian cotton soared, for Chinese textile enterprises is not cost-effective.

From the 2016 countries cotton market, cotton resources are still relatively tense, the production of cotton in various countries for since, export will be weaker. Fortunately, from the spinning point of view, high quality Xinjiang cotton + Real estate cotton + National cotton storage can fully meet the demand, coupled with the large-scale growth of the cotton planting area, the domestic textile mills for the Australian cotton, the United States cotton dependence further decline. If foreign trade barriers to China remain or expand, it is very likely that China will be sold out on cotton. There are already industry experts are aware of the problem of cotton production, cotton seed development and production has been put on the agenda, for domestic textile enterprises with cotton demand for the government will give strong support.

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